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  For those who are affected by ADD, Bipolar, OCD or other behavior problems, you might want to read this.

It may or may not be beneficial to you. Am offering this for your consideration and it is a re-print of my recent newsletter.

From time to time, we like do a favor for all you folks out there who are trying to make the world a better place.

We like to keep the information simple, blunt and to the point, so you can use it.

There are a lot of conditions that affect people and many people have the same conditions affecting them. Each person seems to think that they have something ‘special’ and need special attention. This may be true for some but not as much as they think.

About a year ago I worked on a 70 year old man who had been a nightmare to live with. Not a bad fellow at all but just did things that made his wife’s life miserable, and never knew he did it. His intentions were good but his judgment was bad. The problem affecting him is called ADD.

I did an intensive clearing on him and taught his wife how to help him, she then taught him how to help himself. She saw a significant improvement in a few days and two weeks later he wrote a nice note thanking me for helping him.

Since then, their lives have been very different than all the other years they lived together.

Here is an email received recently by a grandmother, concerning her son and grandson.

" Raymon Grace has been working with my family for quite a while and it has made a huge difference in every case.

My adult son has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and was contemplating suicide when his business went bankrupt and he felt he couldn't get a job. Raymon worked on him and shortly after he called me and said he was no longer suicidal. He had not mentioned to me that he was suicidal, but Raymon saw it in his brain. He also got a exactly the job he wanted. He is as happy and light as I have ever seen him in his life.

My six year old grandson was having OCD symptoms. He was asking if he could touch the couch over and over and washing his hands many times a day in connection with the question "Can I touch the couch?" He also wouldn't say "yes" or "no" but answered every question with "maybe.". Then he started repeating a sound and my son was concerned about Tourette's syndrome. My son made an appt with the Dr. After Raymon worked on him, his symptoms started to disappear. By the time he got to the doctor he was fine. He's doing great still.

Every person Raymon has worked on in my family has shown improvement to a marked degree."

In an effort to help as many people in the least amount of time, we have made a short video and offering it for free. In this short video, (titled Random Acts of Kindness, and shown below) I address three of the things I did to help these people. All you have to do is watch the video each day with the intention that what I do be directed to you, or your loved one.

You can come to the website as often as needed and play this video and direct it to yourself, family and friends.

Random Acts of Kindness by Raymon Grace

If you want to learn more so you can do this for yourself, we have a beginner dowsing DVD, created in September of 09, called ‘Learning to Dowse available at www.raymongracefoundation.org

If you do not see results, you may need some of the other energy adjustments that I did for the gentleman mentioned above.

I go into detail on those in my Healthy Mind and Body DVD, in my book, Techniques that Work for Me and in my classes.
For more advanced dowsing, we offer other dvds that include ‘Reading the Dowsing Chart’ DVD and ‘Healthy Mind and Body’ and these address several other problems that affect the behavior of people.

They are available at www.raymongrace.us

Seems we are living in a crazy world and hopefully this will help you handle it better.



For more information, visit our website at
www.raymongracefoundation.org or www.raymongrace.us

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