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Raymon Grace Newsletter

September 2018

Howdy Folks,

Ever since we offered the weekly energy cleaning for about the price of a good cup of coffee, some of you folks have sent some really nice note about how things have improved for you. I REALLY APPRECIATE these emails from you.

Not everyone gets the same results and here is one of the best ones I have ever received:

"I would like to offer a personal testimony as I know these energy clearings are beyond effective and why I am so insistent.

Almost a month ago, my entire neighborhood was horribly vandalized - every car that was outside was broken into, keyed, tires slashed, etc.

Garage doors had vulgar graffiti spray-painted, outdoor furniture was urinated on.... and on it goes.

Ready for this - my house was the ONLY one that was untouched out of my entire neighborhood! As a matter of fact, the cops have visited me 4 times with endless questions. In the beginning I could tell they were very suspicious that out of the entire development (about 60 houses), my house was mysteriously passed over. I can tell you that several of the neighbors are still suspicious.

The first morning the cops came to my door, I was intimidated and shocked (I had not been outside yet and didn't know anything). After questioning me for over an hour, I shut the door and stood there with my back against it and the first thing that came to my mind was - Raymon Grace.

I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that between Raymon Grace and the Grace of God that my home and belongings were protected.

Additionally, when I have attempted to clear my house, the sage will not light on fire!. If the sage doesn't light and catch fire - then the area does not need to be cleared!
This started happening a few months ago since enrolling in Raymon's program. (Monthly Energy Sessions....information about them here www.raymongracefoundation.org/energysession.html

All I know is that Raymon Grace has made a believer out of me, whatever he is doing is absolutely powerful and impactful.
I felt that this was worth sharing with you " Monthly Energy Session participant.


Now to be honest, cannot promise this for anyone but am thankful it happened.

Here is a useful suggestion for you to do....

One of the things I am finding affecting a lot of people is the Spirit of Life is leaving their body. No, I don’t know why, but so far have been able to get it back for them. However, it doesn’t always stay long.

To help his situation, would suggest you THANK the Spirit of Life every morning.

As I have said before, 'whatever you want in your life, give THANKS for it.’

A couple of my friends are offering workshops that I can recommend. DO NOT CALL OR WRITE ME FOR DETAILS AS I DO NOT HAVE THEM. The information to contact are on the flyers, so contact them with questions, I am just recommending you look at them and if they are a good fit for you, participate. They are: Steven Hairfield who has contributed several articles to my newsletter in the past so you may be familiar with him... his weekend workshop information is here. I like Steven and find his information to be accurate.

And Ron Barone is offering a Radionics workshop with information here.

Enjoy Fall


And now from Faye...

I am delighted to host a workshop with our friend Dr. Steven Hairfield. We will provide details as soon as we start getting reservations and determine how large a place we need. It will be in the Northwest Ga. Please do not make flight reservations that cannot be changed until we know we have the minimum needed to fly Steven to Ga.

So sign up early if you are interested and please send this on to anyone who may be interested. I find Steven to be an amazing person and teacher. He had told me something significant would happen on Saturday, the 15th and we had two epic storms hit on opposite sides of the world that day. We also had more storms active in the world than ever before and numerous other once in a lifetime weather occurrence’s. So come see what he has to share with us about what is coming and how to be prepared for it by knowing ourselves fully. If you are challenged with life and all that is happeing now...he will give us tools to use these challenges to our advantage instead of causing us stress!

If you are interested in essential oils, I would love to share my experiences with them with you! Email me at faye@tsvibrations.com.

Last but not least, it is time for the Call to Action. Click here for full details and join in. You are powerful and you make a difference.

With joy and love,


To view a printable pdf of this newsletter....click here.


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