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Raymon Grace Newsletter

December 2018

Howdy Folks,

For the past 45 years I have been interested in how we can use our minds to improve our lives. Wish I could have gotten smarter faster, but it took a while to get enough to work with.

An experiment with Gratitude had worked so I started sharing it with friends.

A few days before Thanksgiving this year, we made a short video on Gratitude. The film is self explanatory and you can watch it here.

Its really simple, just give THANKS for what you have and what you might need.

The next day I received an email about scientific experiments that had found the same thing. The researches found people who were thankful would experience a ‘high’ for several days.

Another experiment showed that people who made a list of things they were grateful for were more optimistic and achieved more.

Another experiment showed that people who were thanked by their boss, would perform better at work. [I learned that when I was a construction foreman]

This all makes sense because energy follows thought and the first rule of success is to think of what you want, not what you don’t want.

Now I never spent any money on my experiment and didn’t do any survey or calculate the math.
I just did it! Pretty much the wayI learned to energize water. My philosophy is to keep it simple. But it was nice to know that the folks who did spend time and money came up with the same thing.

Oh, L also found that Gratitude has a Spirit and we can invite it in, and THANK the Spirit of Gratitude. So do that, invite it in and then thank it every day.

Feel free to share the video with anyone open minded enough to watch it.

Enjoy the Holidays.


And now from Faye...

I will enjoy Christmas in Memphis and am wishing all of you a Happy Holiday Season, enjoy whatever you celebrate and know that life is good and you are powerful!

I have something that makes great Christmas presents.....order soon and they can arrive in time for Christmas here in the US. Check out new essential oil difussing bracelets...all hand made by me...and the pryamid pendulums and fairy sun catchers.

All just waiting, filled with joy, to come to your home and share life with you and yours. Check them out here: www.tsvibrations.com/suncatchers.html

And Raymon has a webinar in January...which would also make a great Christmas present. Details and sign up here.

Raymon continues to offer the energy sessions for an extremely low price considering what you get...one session per week for one month for only $25.

Something you should be aware of is that you sign up for one year and are billed monthly. THIS DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY RENEW. You must sign up again when the year is over. Once you make the last payment, PayPal tells you it is finished, sometimes they say canceled. That means in 30 days your sessions end UNLESS you subscribe for another year.

IF you do not know, check your Paypal account and see if you have been billed the last 31 days...if not...yours is over and if you want to continue...click on the following link and subscribe for another year. www.RaymonGraceFoundation.org/energysession.html

Last but not least, it is time for the Call to Action. Click here for full details and join in. You are powerful and you make a difference.

Click here for a short gong session with Santa filled with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes!

With joy and love,

Faye plays for Santa!

To view a printable pdf of this newsletter....click here.


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